Jennifer Caroccio Maldonado, PhD

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Digital Projects

This is a photo of the monument to Carlota's Rebellion in Matanzas, Cuba. I took it in 2016.
Carlota's Rebellion, Matanzas, Cuba, 2016.

A Boricua Abroad
A Boricua Abroad was a photo-essay blog that I composed for the Cuba study abroad program that I attended during Summer 2016. In the blog I combine photography from my trip with personal essays and social critique. I discuss the history of art, tattoos, religion, race, and slavery in Cuba and the present-day state of the island. I use photography as way to show the complex colors, visuals, and stories I encountered during my trip. Personal reflection is tempered with critical analyses to better examine the complicated culture of Cuba in the 21st century.

Online Video Archive of Carmelita Tropicana
Online Video Archive of Carmelita Tropicana is a digital research archival project for Dr. Laura Lomas' Spring 2016 Cuban Feminisms Class. I saw there were numerous videos of Carmelita Tropicana, but none of them were catalogued in any meaningful way. How can I make sense of the video material that is out there? Do people know about this? What I came up with was a melding of archival research and the digital humanities in order to compose a digital archive of various interviews, performances, and films of Carmelita Tropicana. YouTube is a vast repository of information, not unlike many other platforms, and the goal of my project is to acknowledge the wealth of potential this platform has to offer in order to create a collection of videos that can be a resource for students as supplemental material for a course, or a research aid for scholars of her work or of Latina/Cuban performance artists.